Obligation to Endure

Topics: DDT, Pesticide, Environmentalism Pages: 1 (436 words) Published: May 5, 2013
New chemicals are being produced and tested every day. Are these chemicals being tested for the effects they could have on our environment though? In, “Silent Spring” an excerpt from Rachel Carson’s, “The Obligation to Endure,” Carson suggests that the pesticides and insecticides we have are harmful to more than just the environment. Rachel Carson is an author who is passionate about the environment and concerned about the well being of its inhabitants. This is apparent because of the way in which she writes. For example she states, “Can anyone believe it is possible to lay down such a barrage of poisons on the surface of the earth without making it unfit for all life?” Carson is well educated about the uses of chemicals and possible outcomes that occur from the use of pesticides. The audience of her article is targeted toward those who take part in the use of chemicals an example would be a farmer. This article could also be targeted toward those people who are concerned about our relationship with the environment and the things we do to protect it. This could be a potential area for those interested in the improvement of the environment to find and argue about actions that would benefit their cause. Carson makes the point that people are not aware some of the chemicals that are being used have a negative affect not only on the pests they are trying to get rid of, but also harmless insects and other animals. Carson explains that eventually people are negatively affected also. Therefore not only is the safety of wildlife at risk, people are in danger. The comment, “they should not be called “insecticides,” but “biocides,” give the reader a good idea about Carson’s opinion on the use of these chemicals. Carson’s primary appeal used is from a logical perspective. She presents the problem or idea she has about the topic and then backs it up with supporting evidence and fact. She explains the negative affect chemicals of today have and provides a possible alternative...
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