Object That Represent Me

Topics: Volleyball, ITunes, Want Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: April 11, 2013
* My name is Nicole and I chose my Ipod as an object that represents me. * My first reason is that my Ipod has huge a variety of music. Most people will go with the stereotype and assume that I only listen to rap or R&B; However, my playlists cover classical for when I’m doing home work, alternative for when I’m upset or energetic, old school r&b for when I’m just hanging out, hip hop or pop for when I’m exercising. I even have a jazz playlist for when I’m feeling sassy. I like to say that my music tastes are pretty well rounded. * Likewise I like to think that I’m well rounded. I play volleyball here for Radford and have been playing volleyball for the past 8 years. I’ve also been in Choir for the same amount of time and I enjoy music in all forms. I’m a full time nanny and tutor during the summer when I’m not working volleyball camps. I’m an avid reader and between all of that I still manage to have a social life. * So because my Ipod has a wide variety of music it has a ton of space and carries a lot of songs. Basically my Ipod can handle a lot. I can handle a lot as well. Because hope is to stay pretty well rounded I’m always off doing things. * Because I’m such a music lover my Ipod is constantly playing. If I could be in a movie and have a soundtrack to my life constantly playing that would awesome! Instead, I settle for headphones when I’m walking everywhere. My mom actually got me a pair of earmuffs for Christmas that are also headphones. * But anyway, my Ipod is constantly playing and so am I. Like I said I’m on the volleyball team here at Radford and I’ve been playing for awhile. I don’t know if any of you know about competitive volleyball but basically there is no off season. School season is from July to October and travel goes from November to June. * And because my Ipod is constantly playing it needs to be charged a lot. And likewise, I all about recharging. If I ever get that rare moment of free time it’s all about...
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