My Life as a Soundtrack

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My Life as a Soundtrack

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if there was to be a soundtrack playing in the background of it all. The soundtrack would just continue to play making sure to capture every moment in my life a significant one. When approaching a crush the soundtrack would be sure to pick a song that explained exactly how I was feeling, or on the days when nothing seems to be going my way, music that I like to call “thinking music” would continually play. Although having a soundtrack playing in the background of my life is an impossible idea to happen, there are still those certain songs that seem to sing in my head for every moment I have experienced in my life. From the days that seem perfect, to the days that have never ending misfortunes, there is almost one song to capture and describe every single one of the moments.

When thinking of my childhood an endless stream of memories comes spilling to my mind. As a child the word love became a whole new meaning to me. Being naïve and innocent during my childhood made me see the world as a happy, go-lucky, loving place. In the song “Love Today”, by Mika the chorus lyrics; Everybody’s gonna love today, gonna love today,

Everybody’s gonna love today, gonna love today,
Anyway you want to; anyway you’ve got to,
Love, love me, love, love me, love, love, (1-4)
really defines a part of my childhood. The lyrics relate to the times when all of the kids on my block would hang out together everyday for hours at a time. Whether it was playing with sidewalk chalk, rolling down steep hills, until hives would appear on our stomachs, eating grass at the park, seeing who could find the biggest dandelion, or even just laying in the grass for hours naming the different shapes we saw in the clouds, we all had a reason to “love the today” we were in and love it anyway we wanted to. Everyone has had those certain on going fears when they were younger. As a child I was deathly scared of monsters. I...
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