Obesity: Overweight and Health Care Providers

Topics: Obesity, Overweight, Body shape Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Obese children are found to be victims of social stigmatization and are vulnerable to the psychological effects such as depression and social effects such as isolation. •Obesity is highly stigmatized in the western cultures and overweight or obese people often face discrimination, negative stereotyping and negative attitudes even from health professionals. •Psychological problems in overweight and obese people occur more often in men than women, with women particularly suffering from an altered body image. •The negative social reactions towards these children have adverse emotional consequences including low self esteem, negative body image and depressive symptoms. •This destructive treatment does not only come from peers but also adults, including teachers, parents, and health care providers. •Overwieght and obese people are likely to have fewer friends and suffer ongoing peer rejection which has been proved to to reduce pshycological function in adult hood •Obesity in adults is co related with long term social and economical consequences including lower educational achievement, lower income and higher rates of poverty in adulthood. •Obese children are often teased by other children, excluded from PEER GROUP activities, picked last for sprots teams and shunned during social activities. •Stigmatization of obesity is common place throughout the media, especially television, movies and popular megazines. •Obese adults are discriminated against when applying for jobs and during application process in colleges. •A study of Overwieght young women in USA revealed that obese young women earn less than healthy young women or than women with other chronic health problems. •Even children as young as six perceived obese children to be ‘’ lazy, stupid, ugly, liars, and cheats’’ •The Immdiate physical consequence of teen obesity is restricted mobility and lack of physical endurance. •Childhood obesity is a growing problem on todays society. Infact one in...
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