Obama State Of Union Address Essay

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Dr. Chambers
Arts & Humanities 2 sec. 5
Extra Credit: Obama State of the Union Address
On February 12th of this year President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union address to the congress and people of this nation. In this address Obama would touch base on manufacturing, climate change, raising minimum wage, expanding pre-k, etc. Our lives are changing each day and most of us are lost and depend on the government to provide us with new information. It’s essential to do research daily to keep yourself informed on what’s going on. Violence is terrorizing our communities daily however Obama has a plan to reduce this action by expanding pre-kindergarten.

Our young adolescents are America’s future leaders so educating them early would help our nation to grow as time progress. Obama said that 3-10% of young adolescents aren’t enrolled in high quality preschools because most middle class families can’t afford to send their children to private pre-schools. Poor children have a worse situation because they are denied access to that learning that’s important for their growth into adult hood. The lack of education leads to more violent crime from my perspective; so Obama has a strong point about the development of our children. He said that he’s working on a proposal with the states to ensure that high quality early childhood programs are available to children throughout the United States.

Obama said that every dollar that we invest into these programs would save more than 7 dollars later on by boosting graduation rates, reducing teen pregnancy, and reducing violent crime. In recent years the drop-out rate has risen to high numbers because some students lack support and confidence. Obama has an idea to lower the drop-out rate by educating our young adolescents early to boost higher literacy in the future. In my opinion children are easily influenced by what they see and eventually began doing which is called pragmatism. Children should be...
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