Nutritiional Plan/Physical Activity Plan

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Food Pages: 4 (1411 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Nutritional Revert
I am typically somewhat healthy; I try to eat right and workout several times a week. I feel as though I get plenty of physical activity, but maybe by nutritional diet is not as good as I thought. I feel as though I have reverted back to old habits of skipping meal, making poor eating habits, and not eating enough from every food group. I need to develop a system to make sure I am eating properly, working out regularly, and then able to pass these habits off to my children.

Nutritional traits are not genetic, but they can be learned. So the habits that you have can essentially effect your children’s health now and their future. If you do not want your children to have the same eating habits that you have or the same weight problems that you suffer from then changing the way that you eat and the amount of physical activity that you receive can change your children’s future health problems as well as their learned nutritional habits. My children do have a set example of the amount of physical activity a person should receive. My husband and I both workout several times a week. However, our eating habits could be questioned. I have always been under the assumption that home cooked meals were the healthy way to go, and not to eat out. My family does not eat out except maybe once a week if that. We eat every meal at home; even our lunches are leftovers from the night before or just packed items from home. My assumption was that we were healthy eaters since we do not eat out or eat sweets. However, after reviewing results from my past week on the SuperTracker I have come to realize that I not only do not consume enough calories in a day, but I do not meet the required amount of daily values from each nutrient source. I lack on eating fruit and vegetables all together, but I also was not consuming enough protein or dairy. The only nutrient that I receive enough of and even receive more than what is needed are grains. During my week one tracking I...
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