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The clinical instructor is working in a surgical ward. The ward routine will be pre and post operation care.

Total of 5 Students in their first semester of year one, attached to the ward for 3 weeks.

The skill that will be taught to them will be blood pressure monitoring using a stethoscope and sphygmomanometer.

Cork A (2007) suggest that nursing students should be using manual BP monitoring I l practice instead of depending on automated monitors•Learning takes place in surgical ward and hospital’s stimulation lab. •The first debriefing session was conducted in stimulation lab. The stimulation lab provides a conducive learning environment for both the students and clinical instructor • Introduction takes place between the students and clinical instructor. •Objectives for the attachment were discussed.

As for the week was “ students were able to perform manual blood pressure monitoring competently, verbalise the normal blood pressure range, understand the anatomy of the heart, chart the reading using the electronic flow sheet” •Clinical instructor assessed the student’s preferred learning style using a VAK questionnaire •The results of the VAK questionnaire showed that most students preferred visual and kinaesthetic style of learning. •So the clinical instructor decided to use more of videos and hands on techniques to teach students rough •Student’s previous knowledge was assessed.

Teacher showed a video of how the heart functions and how a systolic and diastolic reading is measured. This helps to get things started and get students attention. EXPLORATION AND ELABORATION
Students were given the equipments and were taught how to check them •The appropriate requisites needed to perform manual bp taking was introduced to them •This gives them the opportunity for hands on practice.

Role play was practiced during the simulation session where teacher acted as the patient and the student played the nurse...
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