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Topics: Ionizing radiation, Neutron, Gamma ray Pages: 4 (1967 words) Published: May 7, 2015
OTHER TYPES OF THE NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS THAT HAVE THE POTENTIAL TO EVOLVE IN SOUTH AFRICA AND WHY THIS WOULD BE FEASIBLE South Africa as a developing country and is one of the world leader in supplying food and raw material. It has very a lot of arable land and large reserves of natural resources. The warm climate favours the production of most crops and livestock which is in demand by the population. The country’s economic backbone lies between the performance of the mining and agricultural industries. There is a need for the country to implement more efficient technology that will help improve the quality of the products and maximize the profits from both industries. Nuclear technology is one of the growing industries with varying applications ranging from medicine, mining, agriculture, hydrology, industry and research [1]. This technology is mainly dependent on the radiation and radioisotopes of some elements. The mining and agricultural applications of nuclear technology can be very useful in South Africa as its applications have been proved to be more efficient practical and convenient to implement. With this kind of technology South Africa could drastically grow to become a world power house in exports of minerals and agricultural products. In order for a country to meet the demand for food supply to its hungry population, it should setup proper structures which will improve crop production, animal health, and a more productive food processing and storing systems. Nuclear technology can be effective and efficient in all the structures needed to setup a more profitable agricultural industry.

Fertilizer plays a huge role in the production of crops. It provides additional nutrients to the soil to aid the plant growth. It maximises the yield to meet the demand faster. Radioisotopes are used to label the different fertilizers by attaching radioactive tracers the known quantities of the fertilizer. This technique is able to determine the associated...
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