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Christopher Hammond UNIT 2 ASSIGN 1 NT2580
A way to fix this problem would of vulnerability, we should have to receive a patch from Microsoft. This could take a few days due to shipping. Once we have acquired the patch, we will have to operate by downloading and run a diagnosis on the patch. Once we are a hundred percent sure that the patch will work and not cause further damage, we will begin to fix the security breach on the SMB server. The next step will to install patch to the rest of the servers and to client computers. The work could take a couple of days, but with the leadership and right deligations, this matter should get resolved smoothly.
Now to sum up, The breach of our security was caught on Monday. That day we researched Microsoft's website and deduced that we could have the working patch by Wednesday. Our working time would be a couple of days after receiving shipment and testing out Microsoft's product. This also included the man power and time needed to install the patch itself onto the server for testing then finish the job by installing to all company servers and computers. No overtime was needed thanks to proper management leading the I.T. team through the whole scenario.
Overall the job was done securely with time managed to save money by keeping a control on the work to save hours from pouring over into another day. Because of such exempulitorial work I shall be expecting a sugnifacant bump in pay. Thank you very much and have a wonderful day.

Christopher Hammond Unit 2 assign 1

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