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A Thesis writing presented to the Faculty of
Arellano University College of Nursing
Pasig City


Care is the essence of nursing. It is letting things matter to us, including other people. It means valuing their well-being and acting with attention to their needs. When we care about someone or something, we hold a consciousness of what can harm them and what is needed for them to flourish. Acts of kindness and words that let others know that we care. Our caring can comfort another person even when neither of us has the power to change a difficult situation. Delivering quality care is the only way a nurse can truly serve a community of people like, and different from her or himself. It has been proven that patients are more willing to participate if they sense that they are cared about. Care can be shown in different dimensions which help patient towards healing and wholeness. But that does not stop there, nurses’ satisfaction is also considered as one of the most important nursing quality outcome indicator aside from the patient’s satisfaction. Several recent studies further confirmed that nurses’ job satisfaction contibuted to the perceptual levels of patient satisfaction with nursing care, which is one of the most important clinical outcome indicator. This study presents how nurses’ satisfaction affects their performance in delivering quality care to patient. It also shows the factors that affects their satisfaction on their work based on delivering quality care. If the nurse is satisfied on how he/ she delivers care to patient then that patient will be given attention in his/her needs and that will be receiving proper intervention which will help in the recovery. However, if the nurse is not satisfied in his/her work the patient will be not be receiving enough care in meeting his/her needs. Thus, the patient is affected. On the other hand, the nurse will not be enjoying his/her work during the shift because of uncomfortability, or lack of confidence in any interventions he/she will do because of unsatisfied delivery of care. Moreover, the researchers chose the topic entitled Delivery of Quality Nursing Care: A Study of the Nurses’ Perspective, to know the importance of level of satisfaction of nurses in giving quality care to patients, and how does it affect their work. They want this topic because whatever results it will have, this will became a guideline and a basis for them to be a good nurse in the future in the clinical setting. Thus, nurses must really be satisfied in delivering quality care to patients so that aside from meeting the needs of the patient, the nurses can also satisfy them.

Background of the Study

Job satisfaction of the nurse determines their eagerness about their duties. It also determines up to what level of their abilities they can do in accordance to achieve their goal in giving quality of care for the patient. The higher the level of job satisfaction of the nurse, greater the chances that they will increase their abilities and provide motivation in giving care for the patient. The lower level of job satisfaction of the nurse, lesser the chances that it will affect their duties and it will be a big burden in the condition of the patient. Though the nurse may not please all the patients but it is a must that the nurse should do their best in delivering quality care to patients. This is the reason why we came up to a study that will increase the awareness of the nurses on how their level of satisfaction affects in the delivery of quality nursing care. The Pasig City General Hospital (PCGH) is a Tertiary Level Four (4) hospital operating under the local government of Pasig City. It was established in 1995 by Mayor VICENTE P. EUSEBIO to provide for the...
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