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Design, Implement, Represent and Manage a Research Project for a new Product or Brand of our choice. Forecast Demand for the same.

Ashish Datta - 8
Ameya Gondhalekar – 14
Arshad Khan – 22
Bhushan Danani – 7
Manish Tripathi –
Vinod Wiyyapu – 60

Project Guide : Prof. Clyde Luis


New Product Development

Taking into consideration ,the fact that BodyZone Gym was already famous for its services in Mumbai, we decided that we decided to expand in the field of Health and Fitness itself. Hence, started the brainstorming for developing a new product.

Idea Generation:

In order to come up with various ideas we ran informal sessions with groups of fitness enthusiasts and obese clients and asked them about the problems they were facing which made it difficult for them to follow a fitness programme . The various obstacles in the order of their frequency of appearance in the discussions were:

• I don’t get time to go to the gym, I would rather workout at home • I cant afford to pay the fees
• My profession doesn’t allow me to go to the gym regularly • I feel embarrassed to go to the gym
• I get no personalized attention at the gym
• I don’t get a personalized plan that suits my requirements • Even if I workout regularly, my diet goes for a toss • I find working out with machines complicated
• The music at the gym doesn’t make my workout fun
• I want to workout in a non air-conditioned room

Based on the above findings we decided to come up with a product that’s solves the above problems for a fitness enthusiast.

To provide innovative solutions we came up with the following ideas:

A. Providing resistance bands as a means of exercising at home and an instructional DVD along with it B. Providing a personal trainer at home ,who could work with a client 3 times a week and create a personalized plan for him or her. C. Providing the clients with an exercise DVD with an exercise schedule which they can follow independently D. Having a gym which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Idea A ,though a good idea, however it did not cover the vast spectrum of clients in need of a fitness programme. It catered only to clients with a low budget or who were constantly on the move (example: Flight attendants, Pilots, Sales Professionals etc.) So Idea A was eliminated because it was not compatible with the company’s objective of providing a fitness solution to a vast spectrum of clients.

Idea B catered to the other end of customers who were ready to spend and are hardly ever on the move.For them , a personal trainer is an ideal option, however if this idea were to be taken up , we would again fail to provide our services to a large number of clients.

Idea C had problems similar to those of Idea A.

Idea D was not feasible as , even if we did get the permission and license to keep the gym open 24 x 7, it would result in a wastage of a lot of resources to keep a few clients happy. Also, only the clients interested in going to the gym would use the gym at night. This wouldn’t solve the most frequently appearing problem of “I don’t get time to go to the gym, I would rather workout at home.”

However, a product which catered to the entire spectrum of clients ,embarrassed, lazy, affluent, frugal, clients on the move, diet conscious etc. was conceived. The Holistic Health Home gym! The Holistic Health Home gym was a combination of equipments and services designed individually for each client according to their own needs. Thus it was a Home …Gym. Home + Gym = Convenience + Fitness.

This idea was rated using the weighted index method as follows:

|Product Success |Relative Weight |Product Score |Product Rating | |Requirements |(a) |(b) |(c = a x b) | |Unique or Superior Product...
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