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Nowadays, Food Has Become Easier to Prepare. Has This Change Improved the Way People Live?

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Humankind has undergone many changes in the eating habit from the period when he hunted for himself to era when he has become dependent on processed food. Obviously, it has become easier to prepare nowadays. However, whether or not this change has improve people'lives is controversial.

To begin with, preparation for food, now, is much easier than ever before. With the development of technology, there are more and more equipment which helps people cook a meal easily such as stoves, microwaves cooking, refrigerators. For my country for an example; rice is a dish which cannot be absent in our daily meals, and with electronic cookers, it is so easy to prepare that a little child can do it. All things he needs to do is put rice and water into the cooker and press a button, then it takes only about fifteen minutes to have a dish. Furthermore, there are more and more processed food or cooked food, and with those foods, to prepare a meal is becoming not only easier, but also faster. taking my favourite dish for an example, it is called nuddle, and it is really simple to prepare: put it into a bowl then pour boiled water into and wait about five minutes I can have a meal.

This change, in fact, make the life of busy people more convenient. Instead of spending hours for preparation in the past, now, people can have a meal by themselves just in short time with some special equipment and precooked foods. People can use refridge to save time for going to stores to buy food. In the past, they have to buy food every day because they could not store food in their home for long time; however, now they can buy food enough for a week without worrying whether food is going to spoilt with a refridge. It means that people have more time for working, relaxing or studying.

However, personally, I do not think that this change has improve our lives. In fact, this convenience can cause some health problems and one of the outstanding one is the increase in the number of over weight people recently. People have eaten so much fast foods for precooked foods which contain so much sugar, and fatty nutrient.

In conclusion, the change in the way people prepare food makes our live more convenient, especially for busy people. However, it does not mean that this change has improve living standard of humankind.

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