Noun Phrases

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Noun Phrases

Making a comparison of Noun Phrases between the Chapter 6.2 from '' English Sentence Analysis: An Introductory Course'' by M. & K. Sauter and Chapter 7 from '' Analysing Sentences: An Introduction to English Syntax'' by Noel Burton - Roberts, I can highlight several similarities and differences of the Noun Phrases.

In both chapters the authors look into more detail at the internal structure of the Noun Phrase and the elements that can be found within the Noun Phrase.
In Chapter 7 is made a detailed analysis of the determination of the Noun Phrase structure. It is divided into two immediate constituents such as determiner and nominal, where it is said that the determiner always has nominal as its sister. Nominal is the intermediate head of Noun Phrase and Noun is head of Nominal. Hence Noun is a head of Noun Phrase. The Nominal can be simple and complex, so that all modifiers of the head noun will fall under the NOM node.

In contrast with this, in the introduction of Noun Phrases in Chapter 6.2 by Sauter, there are represented all possible constituents of Noun Phrases (determiners, pre-modifiers, head and post-modifiers) in a simpler way.

A definition of head and also a detailed explanation of what words the head can take before or after can be found in this chapter. Determiners and pre-modifiers are words that come before the head, but on the other hand there are words that come after the head and they are called post-modifiers.

At the same beginning of this chapter it was stated that pre-modifiers of Nouns are always realized as Adjectival Phrases and the post-modifires are either phrases or clauses. In both chapters, determiners are similarly explained. They are words somewhat like adjectives which come before a noun. Articles or any of the dependent pronouns and numerals may be determiners.

Like in Chapter 7, as well in Chapter 6.2 the emphasis is put on the genetives, but with some little difference. In Chapter 7, it is...
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