Nothing Gold Can Stay

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Nothing Gold Can Stay

The title of the poem is metaphorical which, makes comparisons to the young and youth. Gold represents value and wealth. Therefore when it says “Nothing Gold Can Stay” it simply that nothing precious or of great value in the materialistic sense can stay forever. Gold symbolizes materialism, it would not last for long and it will give a false sense of security and happiness. Gold, which is money based, can take years to accumulate but can be washed away in a millisecond.  On the other hand, things that have emotional and sentimental value cannot be bought with Gold and therefore will remain throughout one’s entire life. Nature represents the first instance of gold. “Green is Gold” represents the natural world that is the New England forests Frost loved for most of his life. The color of money is green may also indicative of lifespan of the person in comparison to the seasons. The spring is when everything is new, Green the summer youth hot and passionate, the fall change various emotions, the winter dying death and cold. The birth of the baby is stunning, their skin is soft they are fragile to hold, they grow so fast, their beauty, and the purity they have inside is very fresh and clean. I remember when I was a kid I would ask my parents questions about everything I saw. All nature was seen too, however as time passed it became normal. As I grew older I gained more knowledge and memory was no longer green. Example, when I was a baby I don’t know how to lie to my parents, to anybody, but growing older I learn how to lie and purity was not found again. When you are young, things are great and perfect, nothing to worry about but it is impossible to keep that sense of security all the time. It is a flower that grows from seed, blooms, grows, and after a while it dies. We can also refer to green as it relates to the creation of the world. Everything created by God is green in nature. The green is the symbol of life and prosperity, for example...
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