Topics: Schindler's List, Steven Spielberg, Ralph Fiennes Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: October 27, 2008
Amon Goeth:

Nazi commander of Krakow, Amon Goeth was known as a conscienceless monster. Director Steven Spielberg works carefully to show unexpected depth and complexity to his character. Amon Goeth was accepted in the film mostly as Schindler's dark twin, he was a person easily swayed by money, women and greed. Amon was a man who lived his life unaccompanied, and will certainly not think about anyone else but himself. Steven Spielberg scenes Amon Goeth (played by Ralph Fiennes) in many aggressive forms, he would show him in his most physical, psychological, his abuse of power, and many different violent behaviours, showing us the true meaning of aggression. But there was one particular side that he concluded in the film about Amon Goeth, a side that made me admire him, showing us that he was only half the man we realizes he was. Silenced by love, Amon Goeth falls in love with his Jewish servant. The understanding of this piece of the story shows me the minor side of Goeth and his lasting overall image. Seeing that, my point of view of Amon Goeth has changed and I believe that the film is not utterly an accurate representation of the man.

War brings the nasty side of man, showing their merciless sides, a side that would kill without remorse regret. In this movie, the film was notifying us the difference between good and evil. Oskar Shindler the good, Amon Goeth the evil. So to make Goeth into a monster, the film has placed Goeth so far off the scale of humanity. Through this we see him to be a very cruel and evil man who shows horror and crime to everyone. But what is good and what is evil? After watching the movie Schindler’s list I started to question my definition of good and evil. When Amon is choosing a maid, and picks Helen, she was shivering and her eyes locked onto she was pleading but not begging, this was when he felt a bond with her in the face of the rest of the girls. When someone reach the level of personal satisfaction, it becomes nearly...
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