Notes on 1 Samuel

Topics: David, Books of Samuel, Saul Pages: 10 (1736 words) Published: January 16, 2014

1. Shows completed transition from Judges to Monarchy
2. Demonstrate through David what a King under God was
3. Show establishment of central government from loose tribal affiliation

70-80 yrs covered - Samuel born 1085 to 1010 David King of Judah 1 Sam principle characters are Saul and David. Also Samuel

OT stories, history & characters illustrate truths set forth in NT In them you meet man don’t want to be, also want be – potential is both Deep lessons & warning how to avoid one & discover the other

Saul verses David
Illustrate carnal man & spiritual man, flesh & spirit
Principle: We are kings over kingdom of our lives, influence our kingdom The success of a king was how he responded to the prophet, and the WOG Rom 8:6 set mind on flesh is death, but set mind on Spirit is life, peace

David had psalms, mighty men, drawn to him, devotion, looked to God, not dealt with enemies, responded to prophet, heart after God, lost his life, found it, secure in God, Saul had no devotion, no psalms, no mighty men, kept his little kingdom, lost it all

Raised up to bring revival in darkest of periods
Starts with Samuel, anoints both these men, bridge Judges & Kings Represents voice of God to both these men
Samuel used to close 300 yrs judges, bring prophets & Kings

3 fold office
1 Sam 7:15 Last Judge - judged Israel all his days
1 Sam 2:35 Raise me up a Faithful Priest
1 Sam 3:20 established a prophet of The lord, first of order

1-7 Samuel
8-15 Saul
16-31 David

1:5 shut up her womb
the plan & purpose of God
Hannah Barren wife of Elkanah.

1:6-7 The mocker
Other wife mocked barrenness.
The enemy mocks, no fruit, not used, not blessed, no good
Gen 39:10 day by day
Rev 12:10 day & night
Mth 4:2 40 days & nights
1 Sam 17:16 twice day 40 days
1 Sam 23:14 sought him every day

1:8 Elkanah - am I not enough?
We may desire to have things, do more, please God
He says am I not enough

1:10 Prayer that changed a nation
Hannah turns to God & prays

1:11 Vowed to God
Seemed to be looking beyond to the goodness of God
God could change her situation & life
Heart response to a God she knew, not unresolved guilt
God closed her womb to bring her to this place

1:18 No more sad
Faith! Heard personal word from the Lord
She believed it, even if Eli may not have

1:24 brought him to house of Lord
Understand how crucial it is for our children to be raised in house of Lord I want my child to see the people & work of God

1:27 This child
Recognize what God has done & given
This house, church, pastor, wife, car person, thing, miracle Joy to give back in heart what God has given to us

Hannahs song (Lk 1:46-55)
Song comes through a walk thru the valley
Ps 113:9 barren joyful mother of children
indicates problem book is concerned with
1 Sam 2:3-4 talk proudly, arrogance, God knows, weighs actions Rest of song shows God exalts lowly, brings down the proud.
Proud heart of self dependence verses humble heart looking to God

2:21 added unto you
Visited her with 3 sons & 2 daughters
Mtt 6:33

3: Samuel's birth and childhood & calling
Boy in temple hears call of God
3:10 speak Lord servant listens
Tell Eli priest of message of judgment
Becomes the voice or prphet to nation & our 2 kings

4: Ark Captured
4:3 like a superstitious piece of furniture
Faith was in the ark rather than God itself, famiklirity had crept in 4:11 Ark taken, Ho[pni & Phineas slain
4:18 Eli expected sons, but not the ark
Eli's grandson is born...
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