Notes of Sparta and Athens compare and contrast

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Notes of Comparing and Contrasting Athens and Sparta: By Jasper 7-3

The Greeks: Cleisthenes: Nobleman, Born in 570 B.C. Life expectancy was 15 years old. Other Greeks feared Spartans。The mythical stories of heroes influenced Cleisthenes. The 2 main stories were by Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey. There was a big change in the mid 6 BC century. A person and a tall girl went to Athens and said the tall girl was Athena and she said he has to be king. After few days, people didn’t like his ruling but couldn’t do anything. The king thought if he wanted it to be monarchy, he would have to gain allies so he started with Athens common people by lessening taxes, expanding farms etc. Even though this was selfish, but this brought Athens out of the Dark Age and became a city (they earned more money). Cleisthenes gets rid of a butt corrupt tyrant. But got exiled. The butt tyrant came back and payed Spartans to take Athens but they failed after some time because too much rebels. Then they told Cleisthenes to come back. The citizens of Athens discussed what to do. They had 2 rocks, the black meant no and white meant yes. Then they would count them. (Only men could vote). They would vote every 9 from raising taxes to building roads. Democracy makes stuff that unlikely possible. He ran 140 miles to call help to fight Persia. General Themistocles rose to power through Democracy. He wasn’t an aristocratic he was a normal person. Themistocles knew that they might not win next time and Persia was still a threat. He built a state of the art ship, Trireme

Quotes: ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’ ‘Our whole city is an education’-Pericles.

It was a stroke of luck that the government was a Democracy, so Themistocles could persuade them, but if it was a monarchy (something with a king) he would use it on himself. Themistocles told the people that they would use the boat to defeat Athens rival not Persia (because it was heartbreaking). Xerses had a force of almost 2 million man. The whole Greece was desperate. They asked the Oracle of Delphi, to discover their future. Themistocles told that every man, women gave up all possessions and be into exile. They tricked Xerses to drive soo far into the straits they had no time and place to maneuver. Persia lost 200 ships but Greece lost a bit. Persia empire couldn’t feed all people so had to retreat back to Asia Minor. Themistocles instinct was right, they burned their city so they could win, and they could build their city again (better).

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Pericles. Athenian Founded the Delian League-to peace and trade, to fight against Persia. 200 members in Delian League. TO become a city state with goods in all Mediterranean. Role of Center of Trade. Majority of the normal people became fairly wealthy. Dominant Power of the East Mediterranean. And interesting government type- Democracy using rocks, leaves. Democracy made Athenians Unleashing powers that no other city state would achieve. But pure democracy doesn’t work because it becomes a popularity thing not a thing that solves everybody’s problem. Pure Democracy made Athens greatest war hero was ostracized. After the battle, Themistocles said you owe me so everybody disliked him. He got stuck up. He died in Persia. They found a man that would change Athens forever, Pericles. He knew what Athens wanted, to rule everybody in the Greek world and be remembered forever. He wanted scientists, artists to still be great. They wanted all people to become employed. He proposed a massive proposition, to build the Parthenon to Athena on top of the Acropolis. Pericles selected everything, what the designers, and architects to build it. The Athena statue was 44ft tall built of gold and ivory. The Parthenon showed evybody not just the king. Everybody when it was finished were very happy because it showed all of Athens instead of the most ‘important’ people. Athens would also become the intellectual center of the world. Women were the...
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