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Note Taking Skill Essay

By Crimsonquan123Gm Jan 27, 2015 1165 Words
Note Taking Skill
Every student is not able to remember every sentence and word that the teacher and lecturer say in the class, even though student has a great memory. Note taking skill is one of a great way of helping student to identify important information and important concepts delivered by teachers and lecturer in class. It is a good idea to have a record and remember of what student have covered inside the class. Therefore, it is very important for the student, especially for the university and college student, as there are large amounts of reading and studying lecture session. Note taking skill is one of the best way to cover the whole lecture efficiency and effectively. Note taking skill is write or list down whatever that heard or read from lecturer without thinking about the topics or subject. It could be define as copying from the original source and re-written in a similar information. Wikipedia(2008) In order to achieve the most efficiently way of note taking skill is by a few skills and strategies, which is the SQ3R and a few mapping diagram method. The definition of SQ3R are survey ,question ,read and review. According to SQ3R the first is survey. The purpose of surveying step is to let students to overview the chapter in the textbook. Which is to let students to spot a pointers in surveying, the pointers are include: the headings, bold print, italics, charts, graphs, end-of-the-chapter questions, chapter summaries, and the chapter highlights. The next step is question, this step is to let students to meet up a questions out of headings and subheadings from the chapter. This will make student won`t forget what was just read or study from the chapter. And the next step is read ,after the step of survey and question, in order to answer all the question is to read the chapter this will make the students more understand the chapter. The next step is recite, it is a way to not forget information and is to write down an answer as if one were taking an exam, then go back and check your notes for accuracy. And the last step of SQ3R is to review material. Reviewing is to achieve chapter unity. It allows students regard all the material back together again. Review means regular and frequent recitation of the material needed to be learned. One should review notes at least every 2 to 3 days as a memory check. The SQ3R method(1970). Mapping, diagram and method also is a skill or strategies to achieve a efficiency note taking skill. Hierarchies are diagrams that place in the topic of the top line of a diagram with main ideas branching down from the topic .Hierarchies can be used in mathematic when solve an equation that put the different steps in order under the main equation and that would be a good way to show how it worked out and keep it in order. And another is Visual mapping. It is a diagram that place the topic in the center of a diagram with the main ideas branching off the center followed by details branching off the main ideas. It can use Visual Mappings strategy in science when explain the moon’s cycles. The moon description and the moon in the middle as the topic and then have the its changes coming off of the topic and they you can have the description of how it changes to the next one coming off the main idea and those would be the details. The 2-6 Method: The 2-6 refers to divide the space on notepaper. Make two columns, using the red line on the left of the page as the note border. Then, when students take notes in class, use the 6 column for the notes and the smaller 2 column on the left as a highlighting system. Write main headings and important points on the left, including material that possible came out in test. After finished, a comprehensive page of information that student can quickly scan for important points. Studying and concentrated effort over the course of a semester students will see an improvement. Emerald(2000). According to a writer for Edinboro University and its Alumni News magazine, he spend a lot of time interviewing people. A secret of interviewing skill is taking good notes a skill that is just as important and valuable in the classroom. Wikipedia(2008). It's simply a matter of being thorough and accurate. Now, not many people can write fast enough to capture everything their lecturer says in class, so it is a good idea to also use a tape recorder. That way that students won't miss something while writing, and student can double-check the tape for accuracy. Whether use a recorder or not, it's important to transcribe students notes as soon as possible while the subject is still fresh in mind. By re-writing or re-typing the notes, students will become more familiar with the material. Students mentally reinforce what was said in class. And they get practice writing the information, making it easier to write the material a second time whether it be for a test or a term paper. The effective of note taking skill is an important practice to master or fulfill the subjects at University or College. Note taking is also a learning process in itself, to helping student to process and more understand the information received. It enables student to avoid or prevent unintentional plagiarism and could avoid using references and bibliographies. Before exam, it helps student to focus on what is important in reading or hearing in the class. And also it provides a personal record of what students have learnt and record of the questions and ideas.In summary effective of note taking skill is quite important for the University or College student, as it helps the student to regard all the information delivered by teachers and lecturer in the class. Furthermore, it could be record or store notes which would be used as an effective tool in reviewing the subjects of chapter when the exam arrive. In conclusion, it is very important to have making a notes in the class rather than listen. Many different kind of note taking method, choose the right method for right subject is crucial. It is suggested that a combination of one or two method in note taking skill is effective way of study in the class. (1073 words ) References website:

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