Not Like the Movie

Topics: Siener van Rensburg, Fear, Psychology Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: May 24, 2012
“Not Like the Movie”- Everyone has expectations but real-experiences is what counts. In her personal essay “Not Like the Movie,” Melissa-Maurice P. Janse van Rensburg describes her journey and challenges she encountered while working as a nurse. She begins by expressing her dreams and expectations as a nurse, “I would be the best nurse ever; move over Florence.” She then describes in detail the tragedy and massacre she was faced with at the St. James church which nearly ended her career. Janse van Rensburg elaborates this in detail in paragraphs 7-9, “Mass casualty…AK-47s….Hand grenades…” and “people crying, sobbing and screaming” definitely captures the reader’s attention and triggers many emotions such as panic, fear, disgust, anxiety, anger, loss and grief. Jans van Rensburg saying “Being a nurse has defined me in many ways…” and “I am proud that I have found the strength to forge forward over all the hurdles in life….” provides us her character who has experienced nursing in many places and how it impacted her life. It also gives us the impression of how strong, determined and proud she is to continue to work as a nurse. Overall, this essay was written well, although most of it was focused on the tragedy and massacre she encountered, she could have elaborated more on paragraphs 11-12, when she spent some time nursing in London. It would have been interesting to read her experiences there. Her essay leaves us thinking that everyone has expectations about everything but it is the real-life experiences that counts and matters.
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