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Topics: Sculpture, Painting, History of painting Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: April 3, 2013
When taking a trip to the Norton Museum of Art I chose a one dimensioned painting called Adam that was located on the first floor. The artist is Nicholas Carone and was painted in 1956. To the left of the painting, Adam, was another painting named Personage which was painted by Robert Mothewell in 1943. Personage is an abstract oil painting on canvas with multiple different colors. To the right of Adam was a sculpture called Sea Quarry and was created by Theodore Roszak. The sculpture was not an obvious choice that it was a sea animal at first. I had to stand there for a minute and really look at the sculpture to being to see what it was really intended for the sculpture to be. Returning to my original choice, Adam by Nicholas Carone, it is also an oil painting done on canvas. Carone first started with a plane black picture and continued to manipulate it with white paint color and other lines using different thick and thin brushes. The picture was made to represent and recreate light and shadow but is opaque. It uses several different elements of art including color, value, line, shape, and space. “Adam”s composition is curved lines and is known as an Abstract Expressionism type of art.

Located at the entrance of the third floor that was designated as Europe, I chose a three dimensional sculpture that is called the Archangel Saint Michael Vanquishing Satan by Henry High Armstead. This sculpture was started and finished in the year 1852. There was no art work next to the piece I chose but on the other side of the wall that it was on there was a painting called The Virgin and Child with Saints in a Landscape by Alessandro Tiarini. The Virgin and Child with Saints in a Landscape is an oil painting done on a canvas in 1640. This sculpture is a cast statue based on one of the saints. It was created to show the strength of Saints and how they were loyal, and angelic hosts of heaven out of a bronze material that was shaped and carved. The art work was purchased by the...
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