North Korea Threat

Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Cold War Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Brandon Lai
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North Korea Threats to World Peace
North Korea is one of the country in nowadays world that still have a system of totalitarianism and a communist state country, also a “military first” based country. In 2006, the first time mentioned that North Korea has a nuclear weapon test, it gives the whole world a nuclear strike threat. Since, Kim Jung-un became the supreme leader of North Korea, the military of North Korea has become stronger daily, and in recent months North Korea gave the whole world a massage that there will be a war happen with nuclear threat. There are few effects with the threatening to the whole world.

“In the past, North Korea-related events had little impact or the markets recovered quickly,” the South’s vice finance minister, Choo Kyung-ho, told a meeting of top finance officials Friday. “But recent threats from North Korea are stronger and the impact may therefore not disappear quickly.” , New York Times. In the recent threats from North Korea, South Korea tells that it’s getting more danger than the past. Each threat from North Korea will carry on some fear from South Korea, always will carry some mention that if North Korea attacks the impact to the country will be uncountable. In fact, South Korea has witnessed the consequences for the financial market. Indeed, the North Korea has already successfully attack the South Korea’s economy. In the other hand, North Korea threat has also nervous the Japan in a fear of nuclear war. "Given North Korea's past adventurism, this scenario is within the range of its rational choices,” ,Michishita wrote.”, ERIC TALMADGE.In Focus: North Korea’s Nuclear Threats In Focus: North Korea’s Nuclear Threats In Focus: North Korea’s Nuclear Threats Indeed, Japan really a perfect place for North Korea to launch a missile test. Japan perhaps will be the best place to launch a missile because it is close enough for North Korea to feasibly reach a nuclear missile to the main...
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