Normal Psychology

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Normal psychology is the study that gives focus on the normal or average human behavior according to the socially acceptable behaviors, practices and traits. In contrast, abnormal psychology is the study that deals with unusual human behaviors that people deem are against the socially accepted behaviors and that includes mental disorders. Differentiating the two however, needs careful study because it involves human judgment which may or may not be necessarily correct. To aptly define and contrast normal and abnormal psychology, it is necessary to know the effect of certain behavior on the well-being of the individual and his immediate surroundings. To know whether a certain action is normal can be identified by studying the reactions f people to certain circumstances. The majority reaction will then be considered as normal. An article entitled What is the Difference Between Normal and Abnormal Psychology? states that, “Normal psychology creates a frame of reference from which inferences about typical behavior and thought patterns can be drawn”(n.d.). It involves studying the general behavioral responses of a population. An example is studying ten children who experience the death of a parent, if eight of the ten children experience anger and sadness upon learning of the death, then it can be concluded that anger and sadness are normal psychological reactions to the situation. The two children on the other hand may exhibit a different reaction the eight children show, they may go into a period of denial or even rebellion or indifference. They may also react to it with total acceptance and with positive attitude to move on. Such behavior, however, cannot be readily judged as abnormal because such behaviors may only last for a certain short period and may still fit with what is considered as within the normal behavior spectrum. On the other hand abnormal psychology “studies people who are abnormal or atypical compared to the members of a...

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What is the Difference between Normal and Abnormal Psychology?

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