Nonsensical Stories

Topics: Physical attractiveness, Human physical appearance, Sexual attraction Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: May 5, 2013
We can never deny the fact that people often judge each other based on immediate intuitions. We make split-second judgments of strangers all the time. There are many theories that tend to explain how we could form impressions about someone we just met even for a split second. For the past decades, many researchers have conducted studies to know what people often base their first impressions with. According to a book by Taylor, Peplau, and Sears (2000) there are two characteristics that people asses when forming impressions: competence, and physical attractiveness. The authors also state that although people say looks are not important, people base most impressions on looks alone. Walster (1966) also said that “Physical appearance is an important element in people's attraction to strangers. Physical beauty has been shown to have a pervasive influence on our perceptions and evaluations of other people.” A study conducted by Dion (1972), as cited by Dushkin online (2000), found that physically attractiveness truly does affect our impressions of others. Furthermore, many people believe that “attractive people can do no wrong” (Dushkin online, 2000) basically because many people have come to associate good looks with good traits. According also to what Katy Winter (2012) has researched about, three fifths (3/5) of people form their opinion of someone within just five seconds of meeting them and more than a third said appearance was everything when forming first impression. A quarter of (rather judgmental) respondents admitted that they always evaluate someone by their appearance alone. Basically, many researchers have found that physical stature contributes a lot as basis for first impressions. Although their studies are not that profound, they are distinctly explained. T
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