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Non-biodegradable Waste

By almida1112 Feb 13, 2012 524 Words
Non-biodegradable waste will NOT break down (or won't for many many years). Examples are plastics, metal and glass. Some dangerous chemicals and toxins are also non-biodegradable, as are plastic grocery bags, Styrofoam (polystyrene), and other similar materials but will eventually break down over time. Read more:

Reduce, reuse and recycle, the three R’s for waste management, are effective measures that serve as alternatives to disposing waste in landfills. Today, we have several options available for handling the solid waste that we produce. The Department of Natural Resources promotes an integrated approach to solid waste management, using a combination of alternatives. Below you will find information on how you can help with the three R’s. Missouri’s goal to maximize waste reduction is ongoing and we have made progress, but we need to go further. Basically, we need to remain focused on reducing the amount of waste we produce. We also need to consider the types of waste we are producing and whether or not these waste materials are hazardous and their long-term impact on the environment. The claim biodegradable is often associated with environmentally friendly products. What exactly does this mean? I would define it as being able to be broken down by natural processes, into more basic components. Products are usually broken down by bacteria, fungi or other simple organisms. Davao City Festival Management Committee through Executive Order No. 03 series of 2012. (increase tourism )

I hope that our new president will prioritize peace in Mindanao, on two points, a peaceful end to insurgency and harmonious interfaith coexistence, for after all we are not Muslims or Christians, we are Filipinos, we are Dabawenyos. Kinahanglan

The first job of a leader is to define reality, the last is to say thank you and, in between, to be a debtor and a servant.' What Davao is Famous ForDavao is know for a lot of things. It is the "Orchid Capital of the Philippines" and the "City in Bloom". It is the home of a lot of gardens, plantations and a wide variety of flowers. The most famous flower found in abundance in the city is Waling-waling or Vanda Sanderana, a type of orchid. Davao is also known as the city of Durian (a fruit known for its pungent smell and very delicious taste). This fruit is found everywhere in Davao. There are even places where you get to eat all the durian that you want (really something for durian-lovers to try). Other than durian, the city has a lot of fruits to offer such as mangosteen, lanzones, banana, pomelo, strawberry, rambutan and avocado. Davao is also home to the 2nd largest eagle in the world - the Philippine eagle (formerly, the monkey-eating eagle). This eagle used to be threatened with extinction but thanks to the efforts of various organizations and the government, the eagle is again flying high in Davao. Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines, can also be found near this city. As a matter of fact, part of this mountain is within the city's jurisdiction.

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