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1.Does Nokia have a truly global strategy, rather than just a series of regional strategies? Explain.

Yes, it does have a global strategy. The global strategy of Nokia is the foundation of all the regional strategies and that is based on overall consumer needs. They found out the main consumer needs is focused on selling products (phones) as lowest price all over the world with its simple, easy and basic models. Also beside that Nokia has series of regional strategies that use most advanced technologies in terms of Camera, music and nanotechnology which is the future feature of the phones in e flexible shape and the last not the least is focusing on the business communications to compete with other companies in the industry and keep its position as the market leader. Therefore they placed their strategy in 3 facets: 1. growing the number of people using Nokia, 2. transforming the devices people use. 3. buidling new businesses.

2.Consider the different global marketing environments discussed in the text. How do these environments differ in developing versus developed countries?

Developing countries: African, Asian, Latin American countries and Middles East region have the highest sale volumes in a way that the half of the world population have cell phones and one of the three hold a Nokia phone, as China and India are among the countries with highest number of population and also got the highest number of sales, as an example 70 mil phones were sold in China in 2007 that is 38% more than the previous year’s sales. Basically the high demand for this product in these regions is for simplicity and user friendly system that the Nokia has along with its cheap price, as most of the people in these regions have very low income and in some place the mobile is shared by ½ dozen of people who even cannot read or write ( mostly in Africa). In these regions (African-Asia) the main aim is connecting one person to another, could be a simple greeting phone call,...
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