The Triumph of a Global Corporate Brand: The Case Study of Nokia

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The Triumph of a Global Corporate Brand: The Case Study of Nokia|

The case deals with how a global brand can become successful and how it has to expand globally to mark its presence in the developed and the developing nations. In this case Nokia is used as a global brand to portray its success globally and also how it was able to build its brand image and the emotional connect with the customers worldwide. Analysis

Every brand wants to have a global footprint to maximize its profits and create a powerful and valuable brand name that people can recognize easily. The competition is very tough as every existing brand wants to be number 1 and there are numerous brands getting created every day. Brands cannot become famous and gain popularity overnight, it requires constant brand building to enhance a brand’s equity which can be through advertising campaigns or other promotional events etc. Nokia a Finnish company started as a rubber company moved into cable works and later became market leader in mobile phone devices until 2010 when the market share started declining. Nokia followed a strategy of steadily building its corporate brand and having an emotional connect with the customers. One of the key trademarks of Nokia’s brand building was that it never let its brand name to fade by creating sub-brands. It always had brand names with numerical and single alphabets. Nokia also focussed on its customer service. It has evolved to meet changing customer’s needs and desires. Nokia was highly innovative and it was launching a number of handsets in very short span of time. It was the first company to launch a camera phone. Also the designs of Nokia phones were simple and user friendly. Nokia identified its global brand image and it focused on developing the brand across countries and different cultures. It has designed phone which were country...
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