Noise Pollution on Students

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I. Introduction

The word "noise" is derived from the Latin word "nausea" meaning seasickness. Noise can be defined as an unwanted or undesired sound. Decibel is the standard unit for measurement of sound. Usually 80 db is the level at which sound becomes physically painful.

With overly populated schools and the increase of average classroom sizes, many students suffer from noise pollutants that can be found inside and nearby from their schools. Larger classrooms inherently breed more noisy atmospheres, and the issue of noise pollution can negatively impact a student’s academic experience. However, classroom size is not the only factor that contributes to noise pollution in the learning environment. Schools that is close to highways, airports, hospitals or railroads, experience a lot of external noise that cannot be controlled. Here in metro manila many schools suffer from this problem, many schools lack the ability to accommodate all the students so the rooms are overly crowded and w/ this students have the hard time in the learning their lessons. Because noise does not result to any obvious and immediate danger to health as polluted water and air, public awareness of noise and commitment to noise prevention and reduction has been small. Hypothetically an ideal educational setting accordingly should be conducive, and free from any disturbances. But through the ongoing increase of our population & the ongoing developments of the country, the setting for educational place is changing and is rapidly affecting the students. In Concordia College for example the nuisance that the train, makes it difficult for the students to focus on the discussions, for the sound of the train is bugling & very much disturbing. A train produces already a 100 dB which can be the cause of a gradual hearing loss.

In the school, listening is the most important ability of the students because most of the time, the teachers use the concept of lecturing and in which the communication between the students and the teacher is emphasized. If for any reason this ability may be affected, the students will definitely have a hard time coping up with the discussions and lectures. It is important to have some understanding of the contributing factors that determine the success (or failure) of the school environment.

Humans merely share the earth. We can only protect the land, not own it.” -CHIEF SEATTLE


The present study aims to find the effects of noise pollution to the learning process of the students.
Specifically, the researchers seek to answer the following: 1. What are the common situations were in the students may encounter unavoidable noise? 2. What are the strategies of the teacher to help the students understand their lessons? 3. What are the strategies of the students to understand their lessons each day?


The researchers formulated the following hypothesis:
1. Noise pollution has great impacts in terms of the learning process as well as the outcome of the students, when certain barrier occur to the listening of the students, they just suddenly stop concentrating and listening to lectures for they are having a hard time coping up with the lessons. 2. The impact of noise greatly reflects on their academic performances and their given attention whenever it is needed to.


This study wants to give understanding on the effects that noise pollution gives to the learning process and capability of the students to nurture their lessons in the school zone. The researcher/s study views certain importance on how students improve on the learning basis. The study gave its concern on the students on how they can...
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