No Text on Board

Topics: Distraction, Mobile phone, Text messaging Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Americans Hurt Due to Negligence
“No Text On Board, It Can Wait” is a slogan from an advertisement that AT&T sponsored, and it makes a claim saying if drivers just wait to take their calls and wait to text back, then many lives would be spared each year. In America we see everyday someone in their vehicle talking on the phone or texting. This has become an epidemic since, more and more people have suffered from others not paying attention to the road. Distracted driving activities like talking on a cell phone, texting, or eating pose serious danger among society today. Using in-vehicle technologies (such as navigation systems, XM radios, or satellite devices) can also be sources of distraction. While any of these distractions can either endanger the driver or others; this advertisement is expressing interest in texting while driving because it is especially dangerous. It combines all three types of distraction, such as; not using your undivided attention, your peripheral vision, and your ability to make a quick decision. So what can we do? Wait to look at that text that just came in on the cell phone, or do not pick up that phone call while you are driving.

The purpose of this advertisement it is to reach drivers by stating “No Text On Board, It Can Wait.” This advertisement is directed toward a wide age group starting from the younger crowd because they are just starting to drive and then all the way to the elderly. This advertisement is not just directed to the young adults and teenagers that are just beginning to drive, but to the drivers that have been driving on the road for a long time, or to the “multi-tasking” drivers are being targeted as well because of the rise in accidents.

In another words, this advertisement is saying because of people texting while driving many human beings are being hurt, and all because of not paying attention to the road and not knowing what is surrounding them. Why is has this become an epidemic? Because more...

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