Night Chapters 1 and 2 Journal

Topics: Judaism, Jews, Elie Wiesel Pages: 4 (1329 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Chapters 1 and 2
The novel begins in 1941 with a twelve year old boy named Eliezer as the narrator. He begins the story by introduces the reader to Moche the Beadle. He was a man of all work at a synagogue. They were Jews of Sighet in a little town in Transylvania. Moche the Beadle was a poor man but nobody ever felt embarrassed by him or his presence. Mocha was very awkward physically but he always made people smile. Eliezer got to know him toward the end of the year when he studied in the Talmud, and when he ran to the synagogue to weep over the destruction of the Temple. Eliezer’s parents ran a shop and had four children; Hilda, Bea, Eliezer, and Tzipora. His parents were very strict and when he asked his father to find him a master to guide me in studying the cabbala he refused stating he was too young and wouldn’t understand it anyway. Although his father refused to find him a master he found one for himself, Mocha the Beadle. One day they expelled all the foreign Jews from Sighet and Moche became a foreigner. There was a war going on but Eliezer and the people where he lived were not aware of how serious it was. Though the Hungarian police made their appearances, as the weeks went by life always returned to normal and there wasn’t much thought about it. One day when Eliezer was heading to the synagogue he saw Mocha the Beadle. He told his story of his friends that had been taken charge by the Gestapo. Eliezer learned how Mocha escaped this mass murder but things had changed since Mocha started sharing these stories he so desperately wanted people to believe. Although Eliezer did not particularly believe his stories he still would sit with him in the evenings to try and understand his grief, although alls he felt was pity for him. Mocha tries to say he is warning everyone in hopes of them listening. Wiesel’s style is pretty straightforward, however it seems to help if you can brainstorm and use outside knowledge to understand the events going on to the...
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