Nigeria: the Conflict Between Muslims and Christians

Topics: Islam, Jesus, Christianity Pages: 6 (1828 words) Published: August 13, 2011
Nigeria: The Conflict Between Muslims and Christians

Tabitha Williams
SOC 315
Chad Goings
June 27, 2011

Because the two cultures rarely live peacefully within one country, the

conflict between the Muslims and the Christians has left the country split by two

civilizations. Political, economic and ethnic rivalries often fuel violence between

the two faiths.

Christianity has a set of beliefs that causes its followers to live their life in a strict set way. It involves the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians just like Muslims believe there is only one God. Its followers believe that God sent his only begotten son to the earth. Whoever believes in him shall have life in heaven. Jesus Christ was born from a virgin mother Mary, she knew no man. An angel sent a message to Mary that she is chosen to have the son of God. He was raised and lived to show the world of God’s love and to preach God’s teachings. Because there was so much sin in the world, Jesus was sacrificed . He was crucified on a cross and died so that all who believed in him sins shall be washed away. All those who believe and live their lives according to his teachings shall have a place in heaven. A Christian is someone who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ in their daily lives. They not only say they are Christians , but live by strict rules like Christians. They surround themselves with other followers and worship together. This is called fellowship. Christians uses the bible as a story of the past and teaching in which they all must live by
Muslims just like Christians believe in only one God. They believe that God or Allah is the sole being in which you should dedicate your way of life to. Only through Allah may you be able to find peace in your life. Muslims believe that there is only one Creator. Christian believes in God had a son Jesus Christ. The Muslims only believe in Allah. The principle is to not only believe in Allah but that everything you do constitutes your belief and worship in his teachings. Muslims have certain teachings that they use to have a strong hold on their faith. This is called the five pillars of Islam. This includes visiting Mecca, prayer , testimony, fasting and giving to charity part of your savings. These basic concepts are a guide to every aspect of your life, including business as well as private. The Muslims usually follow the word literally. Just as the Christians have the Bible, Muslims have the Quran in which they get their teachings on the way you should live. When looking at the two religions, with all its differences, there are many similarities. The two religions are claimed to have come from the same family. The three prophets are the sons of Abraham. Muhammad from the eldest, Ishmael, and Moses and Jesus from Isaac. You would think with its teachings of faith and love and its close proximity that the two religions would get along. Well that is simply not the case. In Nigeria a little less than half of the people are Christian, the other majority are Muslims. If you look at it, basically the Muslims and Christians are

the two main religions. The two religions basically dominate the country. “The country is split between two cultures Islam and Christianity, displaying what is called intercivilizational disunity.”(Roskin, 2011) The religions tend to group within themselves instead of embracing each other. They tend to stay amongst those like themselves in everything including government. It is not a hate that these two religions share it is a belief that their version of the bible and Koran is correct. It is their God or Allah that is the true and only God and the other is wrong. With both believing the other is right and both living in Nigeria, there is a constant rivalry . In Nigeria there were other religions before the Europeans came along and introduced Christianity....

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