Compare and Contrast Essay: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism

Topics: Christianity, Islam, God, Jesus, Torah, Judaism / Pages: 3 (667 words) / Published: Jan 3rd, 2011
Although Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all religions that grew from the same central idea of one divine god named Abraham in the general time zone of 2500 BC, and in the holy city of Jerusalem, they are all very different from each other. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all similar religions in some ways but are also very different from each other in other ways.
The religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all similar because of a few very distinct reasons. The biggest reason that these religions are similar is because they all believe in one god called Abraham. Abraham is considered the founder or forefather of all three religions. All three religions also have a holy book which is another big similarity. Although each book does not contain the same teachings they are all sacred to each religion. Another similarity they share is that Jerusalem is the holy city. Jerusalem is the center of all of these religions and each play a very important role in how these religions are different.
Christianity is different from Islam and Judaism in many ways, one being the holy book that Christians believe in. It is called the bible and it contains two testaments called the New Testament and the Old Testament. The beliefs for Christians are also very different because they believe that god has three parts, God the father, God the son, and the Holy Spirit. They also believe that Jesus is divine, a part of god and that he died on the cross. Another key believe was that you obtain salvation by following Jesus’ teachings. Christianity is also the only religion without a sacred language. The rituals for Christians contain an ordinary ministry and have priests and rituals of the faith. There holy building is called a church, and Christians worship in it every Sunday experiencing sacraments, reciting there creed, praying and reading from the bible. They also have seven sects which are all different from Judaism and Hinduism.
Islam is different from Christianity

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