Nigella Lawson's Femininity

Topics: Femininity, Need, Sugar Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Nigella Lawson uses her femininity in many ways in the caramel croissant pudding extract so that she appeals to every day women. She does this by showing how she is the same as all the other working mothers out there. She says “When I get home late and I haven’t eaten”, which shows that she goes to work like everybody else and women will be able to relate to her further. She also says “it is not lean, grilled protein I crave but carbs” and she is completely focusing in on women because most women worry about carbs, and showing that she “craves” them makes the women feel better about them because they are not the only ones. She then takes off her earrings and says “That’s better.” This presents the idea of normality, and displays that Nigella is not always glamorous. It also shows some understanding that it is normal to be nicely presented for work, but when you get home and are in the kitchen, it is a place of relaxation and indulgence, not work so you don’t have to look ‘nice’. Furthermore, she later on says “I can’t be bothered to go to the sink.” This is showing that she feels and thinks the same way as everybody else, and things aren’t just there for her, which is what you would expect on a cookery programme. Nigella also uses her femininity to make the audience feel more comfortable and relaxed. When she says “well, a bit eccentric for supper but that’s what I need” she is telling you that you can be indulgent on occasion and get away with it, and that it is okay to eat and treat yourself sometimes. By saying that that is what she needed as well, it makes women feel better about themselves, and not bad if they want something indulgent for a change. In addition, by taking off her earrings she is showing comfort, which makes the audience comfortable with Nigella. She then says “that’s what I need” and this is showing that she seems to think it is a necessity and everyone needs sugar and carbs to indulge you sometimes. It makes the audience feel better and...
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