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Department of Business Studies

Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in E-Commerce

August 2012 Semester
Final Examination

ELCM 201D Introductions to E-Commerce

Duration: 2 hours

1.This paper consists of 6 printed pages (including the cover). 2.Section A: Answer ALL questions on the multiple choice answer sheet provided. Section B: Answer any FIVE (5) questions on the answer sheets provided.

Section C: Answer ALL questions on the answer sheets provided. 3.This is a closed-book test.

Section A: Answer All questions[Total 40 marks]

1. The process of buying, selling, or exchanging products, services, or information via the computer best defines a. electronic collaboration
b. electronic commerce
c. tweeting
d. cyber sales

2. A broader definition of EC that includes not just the buying and selling of goods and services, but also servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, and conducting electronic transactions within an organization best defines e. e-business

f. e-tailing
g. e-collaboration
h. cyber business

3. Old-economy organizations that perform their primary business offline, selling physical products by means of physical agents best defines i. click-and-mortar organization
j. pure-play organization
k. classic commerce organization
l. brick-and-mortar organization

4. Large private organizational buyers and government agencies make large-volume or large-value purchases through ________, also known as reverse auctions. m. electronic tendering system
n. online direct marketing
o. name-your-own-price model
p. viral marketing

5. Reintermediation occurs when:
a. the power of existing intermediaries increases
b. direct interactions between buyers and sellers are replacing the role of intermediaries c. new users are discovered for mature products
d. new kinds of intermediaries emerge

6. A store selling only a few types of products is called: q. a general store
r. a global store
s. a click-and-mortar store
t. a specialized store

7. All of the following are limitations of traditional off-line auctions EXCEPT: u. sellers are guaranteed the higher possible price for their products v. they last only a few minutes for each item sold

w. buyers sometimes decide not to bid because the pace is too fast for careful analysis x. sellers may have trouble getting their products to the auction site

8. all of the following are potential limitations of e-auctions EXCEPT: y. perceived lack of security
z. a possibility of fraud
{. bidders have very little time to make bids
|. limited bidding participation

9. uses cookies to identify returning customers and to provide suggested products for purchase based on prior shopping behavior. This is an example of: }. personalization
~. channel cooperation
. on-demand delivery
. direct marketing model

10. Janice and Tony decided to buy the new computer system Paul suggested after careful analysis. Janice directed Rich, her assistant, to order the system. In this example, what purchasing role does Rich play? . Decider

. Buyer
. Initiator
. User

11. Mark’s company helps several buyers and sellers meet and conduct business online. What type of model is he using? . Sell-side marketplace
. Buyer-side marketplace
. Collaborative commerce
. Many-to-many marketplace

12. Which of the following are the attributes of M-commerce? i. Convenience
ii. Personalization
iii. Ubiquity
. i and ii
. i and iii
. ii and iii
. i, ii and iii

13. What are ballpoint pens purchased by a clothing company? . Direct materials
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