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Topics: Small business, Marketing, Electronic commerce Pages: 4 (1174 words) Published: August 28, 2010
Jane Doe
University of Phoenix
April 19, 2010

Business Communication
Today digital or electronic communication makes up a great deal of the worlds communication. The reason behind that change from written or formal types of communication has to do with technological advances and the speed in which individuals and businesses can now communicate accurately. The electronic media that surrounds the average consumer consists of television commercials, email advertisements, internet stores, paying bills and banking online, blogs, social sites, business ventures, and many other forms of electronic communication are taking over the way the world communicates. This is why EC (electronic commerce) has become regular practice in daily life. EC is the process of buying, selling, transferring, or exchanging products, services, and information through electronic means like the internet and electronic networks. Doing business electronically and using mediums like E-tailing or electronic retailing is which is “the practice of selling goods and services over an electronic medium like the Internet (ECommerce.info, 2010).” Enables today’s businesses to save time and money in conducting business electronically on a global scale.

Business to Business Message
In today’s digital economy many financial firms represent a variety of services to large and small businesses alike. Financial firms that only used to focus on large corporations now have the time and resources to cater to different levels of businesses. Wells Fargo advertises to large corporations to gain business. They often perform account reviews on customers to see if there is a business need and then those selected customers receive information on Wells Fargo’s business products. Wells Fargo has marketed to businesses by capturing the necessities for any business. They offer business loans, investment services, checking accounts, payroll services, 24 hour support for those services; they can set...

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