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Jessica Spinnati
NHS Essay 2
A student who serves not only serves their community, but their school, and fellow classmates as well in multiple ways. They must be willing to give up their personal time to help those in need. The student must be able to take on difficult tasks without it being an issue for the person providing them with the task. They must help their fellow classmates in any way necessary. I believe I have shown all of these characteristics during my time here at Bath High School.

First and foremost, I have given up much of my personal time to help my community. The past three summers I have volunteered for over eighty hours at St. Rita’s Medical Center here in Lima. For many, this may not sound like a lot but for a teenager to give up part of their summer to help others is a big deal. Volunteering not only takes the will to work but it also takes passion, compassion, and knowledge to follow through with the tasks given to you throughout the day. My eighty hours shows I have all three of these things. I have helped my school by being an excellent scholar and never giving it a horrendous name. I have achieved being an honor student throughout the past three years that I have attended BHS and have always shown pride when representing my school during numerous events. I am always willing to help my teachers when needed, they may be there to teach us but they are also there to learn from us in certain ways. My fellow classmates I do believe would say I am always willing to help them out when I am needed. I would like to organize volunteer time at our local soup kitchen and hospitals, numerous food and clothing drives, and also help with the annual blood drive. All of these things will help our community out in different ways, which will bring good to our fellow people.

To me, service is not something any regular person does. It is something that an outstanding individual does to help their fellow man. The person must have the right...
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