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By shainacute Jan 15, 2013 1172 Words
Community Service
Reflection Paper
Nowadays, I am very happy and proud of our society when it is being changed in a positive way to bring out the best things for our lives. Sharing and helping each other in work is the most specific ways to show the society how people unite. It does not only make our work more effective, but also we have more opportunities to express emotion and care for each other. From the time when I was still in high school, I had many opportunities to participate in charitable activities, especially volunteer work. I, along with my friends, established an association which was called “The Lucky Grass Flower”. This was the place that we used to shelter the disadvantaged children and orphan in our city. We received so much support and help from the school and other media communications. This helped us a lot in completing our care for the children. In addition, the most important thing was that all the things we did came from our hearts, and this was our motivation for this activity. That was the first volunteer work that I participated in, and it was also the most significant voluntary work that I have ever taken part in. Also in my country, philippine, the Communist Youth League is running a very large and meaningful volunteer program for undergraduate students every summer, and it is named "The Green Summer Volunteer Campaign". This volunteer program is very useful for all young people. In participating in this program, the volunteers will be involved with the diversity and richness of activities. However, to be involved in this program, students must undergo a very serious selection contest, based on some certain criteria. Most of the volunteers who are selected are usually those who have good academic achievement. Although I am not lucky enough to join “The Green Summer Volunteer Campaign” because I am not going to college in philippine, I still feel very proud when my country has a very significant volunteer program for society. I have always desired to be involved in volunteer activities because I want to get involved in society, learn new things, and above all of that, I want to help people around me as a volunteer. At Philippine university of the pihilippines,, I feel that the living and learning environment is very good and healthy. At PUP, the environment has the closeness and friendliness between people because they are always actively involved in volunteer activities. Almost every time I check my email, I can find all the information of volunteer activities that are sent to participating students. I see it as my opportunity to implement my desires to do volunteer work. I researched and knew that there were a lot of volunteer activities at PUP .. I felt very excited and nervous as well because this is my first time in this school. Especially, this was an opportunity for Indiana University to show its important position in such important events, and it was good news when PUPmade it very successful. In our work, we always encounter certain difficulties, and my volunteer work was not an exception. In the working process, from the beginning until the job was done, I faced many difficulties and challenges. However, with the whole-hearted support from the instructors and staff, along with my enthusiasm to work and being well prepared, I finished my work nicely and contributed my little effort into the collective success. I was happy and proud of it. In terms of personal interests, I think I made a right decision when I decided to get involved in this volunteer work, because I learned many good things and had a fun time while working with colleagues. Firstly, I feel that I had a certain position in this important conference. As you know, my job was just to help with the small tasks, but I believe that great jobs are made up from many small tasks. Secondly, I learned many things that are very useful for my major, which was how to organize and run operations the most effective way. When starting the tasks, the small pieces could only be patched together, but when the job is associated with the proper utilization, it would create an array of great success. These were very valuable experiences that I obtained from my project performance. This would not only be applicable for work, but also for my life. Finally, I feel lucky to be involved and able to work with people around me. Although volunteers did not know each other before, but when the work began, all became close friends and ready to help each other with enthusiasm and fervor in their work. Those were the best three things that I have gained while participating in this volunteer work. As mentioned above, I did take part in volunteer work in the past. However, each volunteer work involved different experiences. In the past, I worked on voluntary charity helping disadvantaged children and orphans. Now, I just finished my project with a formal business organization like the Cloudcom Conference. Working at each volunteer organization was different, but each job stayed the same in one common thing; that was derived from the volunteer's heart, not for economic purposes. The two volunteer works in which I participated were in completely different fields, but I enjoyed both. Returning to the course, I feel this was not a stressful course; it was very relaxing. I felt comfortable and did not have any pressure with this course. This was way different from my other classes, such as business law or accounting. We did not have homework, we did not have to take tests in class, and we did not have to read complicated and confusing things. All we needed to do was participate in volunteer work and complete the thesis. Actually, I am always ready to participate in volunteer activities. However, in case if I did not study this course, I would not have been sure about participating in volunteer activities because I want to spend more time for learning. Fortunately, I have completed this course, and I think it was a perfect match which gapped the two tasks that I wanted to do; learning and volunteering. I feel that nothing could be better than this. And from now on, I will continue participating in many volunteer activities in order to contribute to society. On the other hand, I want to learn a lot of experiences for myself, so that when I return to Vietnam, I want to be directly involved in volunteer work to help my country. In conclusion, I am absolutely satisfied with what I have achieved from this course. The experiences that I have learned are valuable, and they will be applied to my life. I always believe that we should do more than we talk. I learned this from my favorite scientist, Albert Einstein: “The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.”

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