New Recruit Negotiation Document

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Negotiation: New Recruit Role of Candidate

1. What issues are most important to you?
1. Salary , 6000 points, range $110,000-$90,000, decrement of $5000 or 1500 points. 2. Signing Bonus, 4000 points, $25,000-$5,000, decrement of $5000 or 1000 points. 3. Moving Expenses Covered, 3200 points, 100%-60%, decrement of 10%=800 points 4. Division, 2400 points, A-E, decrement of 600 points 5. Starting date, 2400 points, Aug 1-June 1, decrement of about 15 days=600 points 6. Vacation time, 1600 points, 25 days-5 days, decrement of 5 days=400 points 7. Locations, 1200 points, ( Boston, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Haven), decrement 300 points 8. Insurance covered, 800 points, A-E, decrement 200 points. 2. BATNA: take another offer

3. Bottom line: 2000 points
4. Target: 12000 points
5. Other sources of power besides BATNA: 1. Scarcity of similar candidates (extensive experience in medicine PhD plus MBA degree) 2. Flexibility on issues potentially important to the employer: location, vacation and insurance. 3. Going to work for their competitor. 6. Opening move/other info:

Tell that I have an offer from another prestigious corporation, but I like their company and would really like to work there. Tell that I want to reach the most beneficial agreement for both sides. Ask what issues are the most important for them, then see if any of them are not important to me so that I can use them as negotiation points. Stress what is really important to me and see if they are willing to yield on any of them. Agree on easy points first and then fight for the harder ones. Do post settlement settlement.

Other side
1. Issues:
1. Location, 6000 points, ( Boston, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Haven), increment of $5000 or 1500 points. 2. Division, 4000 points, A-E, increment of 1000 points 3. Salary, 3200 points, $110,000-$90,000, increment of $5000=800 points. 4....
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