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New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part II

New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part II
Digital Display Corporation (DDC) is launching an innovative product that will display caller identification of cellular phone calls in the automobile windshield. DDC is in the process of performing a market segmentation of potential consumers of the product. The organization must understand decision motivators and buying behaviors of customers. DDC will develop a tactical plan to manage each stage of the PLC and provide the product mix including features and benefits, branding, and core competencies of the product. DDC will also define a position statement for the product and provide supporting information for the positioning strategy.

Target Market Profiles, Key Buying Behaviors, and Decision Motivators
DDC will primarily target automobile manufacturers. A secondary target market will be automotive part stores. The target markets require business-to-business marketing techniques. “The most important characteristics of business-to-business marketing are 1) building relationships, 2) candid technical interactions, 3) intensive commercial negotiations, and 4) close attention to after-sale services” (Gale, 2007, p. 147).

DDC will place emphasis on the fact that consumers are becoming more safety conscious when purchasing automobiles. “Every model year brings new challenges to automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Consumer demands are constantly moving targets, and advancing safety regulations are always on the horizon. The product developer who can simplify the process and get to market quicker is going to have the advantage” (Melear, 2005, p. 18). The primary buying behavior and decision motivator for consumers is safety. Automobile manufacturers are installing innovative safety features into their product to create a core competency and gain a competitive advantage. Product Mix

The product is going to be offered with a built in steering wheel control for the cell phone. Once the driver can see that there is an incoming phone call on the caller ID on their windshield, they will be able to use the steering wheel to answer the phone call and speak through the speaker phone within the car. The features and benefits of this product rely on driver safety. The main feature of the product is that it is a hands free device. The benefit of the hands free device is to allow the driver to keep their eyes on the road without ever needing to look at their cell phone. Branding

DDC will brand the product to car manufacturers as a reliable safe piece of technology that should be included in all new vehicles. DDC will brand the caller ID as an innnovative approach to driver safety. The product will be offered with a guarantee to last throughout the life of the car and the warranty will cover the device throughout the life of the vehicle. This is a product that needs to always work and be reliable for the future, it is important to keep the safety of the driver and if this product becomes faulty, then the sole purpose of the product goes missing.

Consumers will be well aware that DDC stands by their name and product, while some vehicles have things such as the navigation become faulty and not under warranty, DDC will always cover their products in any vehicle they are put in. Other Products

As of right now the company is going to focus on branding the chip for the caller ID in the windshield with the built in device in the steering wheel. Eventually DDC will brand more technological devices to induce driver safety. This product will be a trial as to how well consumers like it as well as manufacturers. Products that may be added to the line will be things such as having video chatting devices in the headrests of the driver and passenger side of the seats. This video chatting device will be for the backseat passengers to be able to communicate with family. The device will run on satellite reception and serve as a...
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