New Media and the Public Sphere

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New Media and the Public Sphere

Original Research Essay

By Jessica Marie Ruxton

Essay Option No.1

My Research: The Internet's addicting yet intriguing appeal to the public sphere

Introduction to my essay

I will be talking about the first essay option and introducing the 'addiction yet intriguing' side to the Internet. As I mentioned in my presentation, I will be revolving my essay around 5 main literatures that I think relate to my essay title but I will also refer to online sources that I think correspond to the title. I think this is an interesting topic to talk about as I have seen the appeal of the Internet but also the harmful aspect of the Internet – so I think it is worth the research in this context.

The 'New Media'

A quote from 'New Media: A Critical Introduction' from the first chapter 'New Media and New Technologies' book explains - “new media is very seductive in its historical simplicity; there was the 'old media' and now there is the 'new'. We use it to mark a break with history” New media refers to the use of computers (computer games, e-mail, online communities, web advertising, chat rooms, virtual reality environments and more), phones, TV box sets and the creation of media content. Most digital media forms are user-driven, meaning that each and every individual in the world can announce a piece of information where people can agree/disagree and add opinions and more. “The avant-garde became materialised in a computer. Digital cinema technology is a case in point. The avant-garde strategy of collage re-emerged as the ''cut and paste'' command, the most basic operation one can perform on digital data.” – (Lev Manovich, 2001) It is true that the ‘’cut and paste’’ command has made everything easy for all users. “In this last decade of the 20th century, we are in an unusual position to appreciate remediation, because of the rapid development of new digital media and the nearly as rapid response to traditional media.” - (Jay David Bolter & Richard Grusin, 1999) With digital media showing an even bigger advantage in the 21st century we come to terms on how fast media is growing.

1 Lets take a brief look at the impact of MOBILE PHONES

We are obsessed with mobile usage in this day in age; the amount of radiation we are exposed to could damage our health enormously. Not only is our health at stake but also the constant need to have our phones nearby should raise immense awareness. Why are we so obsessed? We look at our phones every minute that I don't honestly think we could last a day without having it close to us. “The mobile phone is the most common distraction while watching anything. 60% of phone users distracted themselves with their phones while watching TV, and 46% did while watching an online video.” - (Online article. Dan Frommer, 2011) The upside - we can browse the Internet on our phones, we can send emails, we can listen to music on an MP3 Player and take photos with our digital cameras.

2 Another brief look at the impact of THE TELEVISION

TV can have positive and negative aspects. It's a tool of information and new knowledge – e.g. incorporating facts about other countries heritage and traditions. We examine jungles,

Rain forests, oceans, animals and we get a better understanding of how politics work. We see different culture events around the world and have the pleasure of being entertained, educated and influenced. But with all the positives on one side, the negatives are on the other. Like drugs or alcohol, TV can bring about addiction. “The viewers have craving symptoms and neglect their social and family life” – (Encyclopaedic website. Stefan Anitei, 2007). Images on TV can make us angry, sad and even depressed. TV can teach us a lot of useful information but can harm us in horrible ways as well.

3 New media technologies – THE INTERNET

When we were younger we took great pleasure in reading fairytale books, fictional &...

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