Never Thought It Would Happen:

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Never Thought It Would Happen:

Never Thought It Would Happen Randy Lee
PSY -202
Daniel French
February 20, 2012

Never Thought It Would Happen

Never Thought It Would Happen This is amazing to me, Looking back over my life and to be where I’m at in life right know is a really good thing. Writing a letter for my Adult Development class, I’m in college this as taken my breath away. This is my story, a look into my life, past the present, and future. So get read to experience a story of a life time. In 1951 a man name Robert Lee was heading for a small town in Roosevelt Long Island New York, where he met a woman name Mary Alice Tyson, at the age of sixteen my father had lied to my mother, and told her he was eighteen. They married and had a girl name Louise, then they had another child this time a boy, they named him Gary. In 1961 they birth another boy name Randy, and that would be me. We lived in Long Island for many years moving from town to town, having to make the adjustment of meeting new friends. My father finally landed a job in Roosevelt. We lived there for fifteen years until, my parents’ divorce at an early age of my life, and I believe that was the turning point. My father being my best friend, now He was gone and we didn’t have the relationship we once had. This once great football Player, and basketball Star during my high school years. I started selling drug, and then I lost my father all in the same year 1979 he died from drinking alcohol. My mother took my father deaf really hard, and for years she never dated nor ever re-marries. I believe (Erikson’s said in our studies of adult development that the greatest contribution is his focus on psychosocial development), which refers to the development within the social environment in which a person lives, primarily focusing on relationships with other people (Erikson, 1968). By me move to a

Never Thought It Would Happen

New environment state of Connecticut in a town called Norwalk, this is where I got introduce to drugs. I had smoked my first joint of weed. I wish I could go back to that day a thousand times in Never Thought It Would head I wished that. Life was really hard for my mother; she worked long hours and never complains how she had to do all this alone. Some time I cried to see my mother hurt and cry some times for no reason. We moved back to Long Island, because it got hard for my mother to take care of the four of us, I forgot to tell you about my little sister Melissa, Boy she can be a handful some time. Any way I had to try and find out how I was going to help support my family. That night I overheard my Mother on the phone, crying and not know how she was going to feed us. Right then deep down in my heart I knew then I had to help her one way or another. I was in class and an Army recruiter came into our room. He explain how we can go into the army, and gain all this knowledge and educational learning experience, Then what caught my ears was the money I can make. So I went over and ask him how I could help my mother. The recruiter explains to me how I can send money back home to my moms, and that’s all I need to hear. Three years I spent in the Army and many times I wish I had listened to my oldest brother. Instead I spent three years of my life with United States Army, just wanting to help my moms. I came home in the 1983 everything had changed. People whom I grow up with had moved out of town, and my family had taken different direction in life. I went to look for where my mother was staying , and come to find out she had given her life to Christ and had told my brothers and sister they was on their own. So when I knock on the door there...
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