Never Give Up

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“Never give up”
When someone says you cannot do something, it’s only a better opportunity to prove them wrong. Tearing my ACL was one of the worst days of my life. It was my senior year in high school, my last year to prove a point. I was hoping I would be recognized, I wanted to show that it was my turn to make something out of myself. I went up for the ball and “WHOMP!” My leg flew forward. I fell to the floor more shocked then in pain. I didn’t know what to do. I called my mom and she rushed me to the hospital. We were hoping it was only a minor sprang and that I could be back on the court in no time soon. I was extremely nervous, but there was my doctor. Once he told me the result of my MRI exam, my heart stopped. I broke down into tears, my career was over. He told me it didn’t have to be, all he’d have to do was go inside my knee and repair my torn tissues. It would leave a big mark, but I was willing to do anything to get back on the court. It was my first time having surgery, but he was there by my side through it all. He told me never give up, because failure isn’t an option. He began to tell me all of his experiences with famous basketball starts who had the same injury as me and how they’re all up and playing again. I didn’t really believe I would heal and be walking again. I felt comforted when he told me I could go to one of the best therapist he knew to be walking in a month. November 9 of 2012 my surgery was complete. I couldn’t move at all because of all the drugs. My doctor came to my side once again and let me know to give it some time and not to give up hope. Through the whole experience, I didn’t think I would be able to move my leg again. I did everything he told me to do and before you knew it a month after my surgery I was up and moving. Not even 2 months after I was getting my speed back. My doctor taught me to have faith, whatever my body believe would happen, would. I made it believe that I would get better and I did. I wasn’t able...
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