Never Forget Event in My Life

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There is an event that I will never forget in my life. It was the day experienced my first accident in the river. At that time, I and my friends came to river to fishing after having a class in the afternoon. at exactly3.00 pm, I got there on foot and brought all fishing equipments. we were so happy and singing together. sometimes we made a joke and screamed like a crazy man. It was a nice and unforgettable childhood. In the fishing place, we made a chair from unuseful wood around of the river. Then, we sat on it and fishing together. Close to an hour, we had not got even one fish and made us felt so bored. Although, we were still going on and tried it again and again. About 30 minutes later, the float of my fishing equipment moved. Then my friend said that “you got it” and I pulled it and finally I got one fish, but it was not too big. I felt so happy and all of my friends came to me to see that fish. Then, they back to their sit and tried it again 15 minutes later, they got it one by one. one hour later, we had got many fish about 23 fish. One of my friend told me that “ it is better to swim because it is so hot today.” All of my friend agreed and decided to stop fishing and swimming in the river. One by one they jumped in the river but at that time I felt so doubt to jump because I could not swim but my friends gave me spirit and one of them said that “ you are a loser “. Of course, that was made me angry. Then I jumped into the water. Because I could not swim, I asked help to my friends, but they could not help me because they were far enough from me. Suddenly, I looked at a wood float on the water on my right side, I reached it and hold it. It had saved my life. I was so scare and took a deep breath. All of my friends laughed me and they came to me and took me to the land. They asked me that “why did not you tell us that you cannot swim ? “ and just said” I just want to having fun with you all.” Then they took me to the water again and taught me to swim...
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