Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks Report

Topics: Nelson Mandela, SOS Children's Villages, African National Congress Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: May 23, 2013
True Heroes!

True Heroes! I used to think people like Spider man, Superman, and Batman were true heroes. But after I started researching on Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks, I realized who the true heroes really are! If you didn't know, Nelson Mandela was one of the bravest, and the most courage’s man that would do anything to pay the price of racial segregation. And Rosa Parks is also one of the bravest and the most desperate women in the world. If Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks were not born. We wouldn't have the freedom that we have today.

Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks have many similarities and many differences. For instance, They were both put to jail, But for two different reasons. Nelson Mandela was put in jail because he joined the African National Congress and he was jailed for twenty eight years. Rosa Parks on the other hand, was put to jail because she did not give up her seat to white man in the bus.

A very important similarity both Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks had, was that they were both determined to make a change. They both fought extremely hard for all of their freedom and brought justice to everyone. They both never gave up.

One difference between Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks would be, That they were both fighting for their freedom in different ways. For example, Nelson Mandela was a person who had a lot of hope for his people and he never gave up on that hope. He was even willing to die if it meant that everyone will have their freedom. Where as, Rosa Parks was a women who acted it all out. Meaning, She stood up to the people and protested for a very long time. She also never gave up on fighting for their rights and freedom even when she was going through a tough time in her life.

Another difference is that they both helped different awareness causes. For example, Rosa Parks helped the modern-day civil rights movement. She also co-founded an organization called “The Parks Legacy”. Where as, Nelson Mandela led Canada's largest ever...
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