Nelson Mandela

Topics: Nelson Mandela, African National Congress, South Africa Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: January 25, 2013
Just about everyone has heard the name Nelson Mandela once in their lifetime before, but who exactly is he? Why is he so important? What has he done for me? Well, Nelson Mandela is a very important man. His contributions to the world have fought against segregation in his home country, Africa, and has affected the entire world today and tomorrow, too. His heroic journey has made him a true hero of his day, and to generations following. Everything that Mandela has done, everything that he's been through, and everything that he's said has made an impact on the world. It is amazing how Mandela has accomplished his mission to change the world, and his struggles through prisons, segregation, and life have rewarded him with fame all across the world. He has and will be known as a hero in the war of segregation and racism throughout the ages, and his story will most definitely be told time and time again. Born on 1918 in a small village in eastern Africa, he had many influences of politics in his household. His father was a counselor to the Thembu royal family, and Mandela joined the African National Congress, South Africa's African political party, at the young age of 25. About ten years later, he opened a law practice in Johannesburg with fellow lawyer Oliver Tambo. This law practice set up by the duo became South Africa's first black law firm. Together, the two fought against important things such as segregation in South Africa's all-white National Party that opposed the other races. But, in 1956, Mandela and Tambo were arrested with at least 155 other protestors with charges of treason. But, after a long and excruciating four years in trial, all charges were dropped. The movement against segregation and apartheid grew stronger and stronger when new laws limiting the freedom of black people in South Africa even more were passed. In 1960, South African officials shut down the African National Congress. Enraged, Mandela proposed a plan to form a small army to chastise...
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