Topics: 2008 Republican National Convention, National Convention, Republican Party Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: July 2, 2013
Justin Hightower
MTG 445
August 29, 2012
Dariush Ershadi

Negotiations in the Media
NFL and NFL Referees Association
The first current event negotiation I found was the dispute between the NFL and the NFL Referees Association. In this negotiation, the NFL has made one offer and they are basically hoping that the officials will accept it, but at the moment they are saying no. One hold up is that the officials want to institute a pension plan for all referees, something that only about half of the league receives today. This proposal is being strongly rejected by the NFL. Another point of impasse is that the NFL wants to add extra crews to the list of eligible referees, which will impact the number of games the current crews officiate. The third, and most pivotal issue, is annual salaries. The two sides have an average divide of $27,250 per official per year. The two sides are both practicing avoidance, as they have not come to the negotiating table for more than a month. The NFL refs believe that they league will be chastised by fans for the mistakes of the replacement officials and be forced to succumb to their demands. The NFL believes that they can train new refs to replace the old ones and will not have to compromise. This strategy would not work for the majority of negotiations in my workplace, as we usually do not have the benefit of waiting for long periods of time for the other side to cave-in. One benefit that the refs hold in this area is that, for the most part, they hold other full-time jobs. This allows them the ability to sit and wait for the league to compromise. Ron Paul delegates and RNC

The second current event negotiation that I uncovered was the dispute between Ron Paul’s delegates and the Republican National Convention (RNC) Committee. Historical policy for the RNC stated that if a presidential candidate was nominated by 5 states, then they would be allowed to speak before the convention. Less than a month before the RNC was to be...

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