Negative Aspects of Video Gaming
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Sports Versus Virtual Gaming

“Sports doesn’t build character, it reveals it”, John rootward. This is the 21st century and technological advancements have altered the way we live. The practices common to human a little while ago have seen a decline due to them. One of such is physically playing games or in other words sport. Being physically active offer benefits beyond the obvious. Sports without any doubt increases our fitness level and health. While virtual gaming have some constructive impact on our mental health but it holds no argument against sports and its impact not only on mental but overall health. It assumes here that all my readers are aware of the term ‘Health’, yet I would like to define it again. According to WHO, 1948 Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. Ill be dealing with different aspects starting with physical health. Moderate dialy physical activities can reduce substantially the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, type two diabetes and certain cancers. Daily physical activities helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces obesity, symptoms of anxiety and depression. While video gaming have some negative affects which includes obesity, video induced seizures and postural, muscular skeletal disorder and RSI (repetitive stress injuries).

Whereas, Exercise increases energy levels and also mental clarity. The chief psychologist for the American council on exercise says that exercise releases happiness hormones and keeps depression at bay. And when you are less stressed you are less irritable and could improve your relations with your parents, teachers and friends. Many games like football, basketball or cricket also plays an vital part in building up your character, when we separate two teams, we display brotherhood and unity within our teams, we interact with different children and improve our communication skills where as in virtual gaming we suffer with social isolation . Dr Orzack the

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