Need and Action Steps

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Before and After

Reannda Rash
Terry Mathias
English 121 Fall
19th October 2013

Before and After

Thesis Statement: Life can change in an instant, change isn’t always a bad thing. .

A. Making cookies takes more than just one or two things.
1. You can name an entire list of things to use.
2. An example would be: [colon incorrect here – no punctuation needed] eggs, butter, milk, spoons, bowls, plates, and many more things.
[Where is the Prep Step? Before giving any action steps, be sure to orient the reader-user by stating all the materials, supplies, tools, utensils, etc. needed for the entire process, including quantities.. Include any cautions that are generally relevant. As you proceed into the action steps, please place step-specific cautions immediately before the step to which the specific caution applies.]
B. In order to do something simple, sometimes you still need instruction.
1. Anyone can learn how to walk [RO] it just takes practice.
2. Standing up is actually a complicated thing to do.
C. Looking for ingredients in someone else’s house is not easy.
1. Without easy[-]to[-]follow steps [RO] it can be hard to find something.
2. Everybody keeps things in different spots, so read carefully.
3. Everything is at the reach or your arms [RO] all you have to do is make the effort to get it. [vertical alignment needs work]
D. Mixing is the best part of cookies.
1. Mix everything together and enjoy it.
2. Things can be fun and taste good at the same time.
E. Make use of your time!
1. While waiting on cookies to cook clean your messso you wont have to after you eat. [vertical alignment needs work]
2. Get everything else ready while waiting to pass the time.
3. Before you know it [RO] you will have waited the time needed and soon be on your way to eating cookies.
F. Enjoy the wonderful cookies you made.
1. Eating cookies at any time a day is not a bad thing.
2. If you cook it [RO] you deserve to enjoy it.

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