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NBN advantages and disadvantages
NBN (National Broadband Network) in Australia has wide area and largest infrastructure which has great option for business in public and private sector. With NBN the internet connection is very fast and accurate. With this advantage mobile doctors can easily send data to medical centre for further treatment of patient. By this patients are consuming there time and has fast and easy access with doctors for their better health. Centre has the advantage of delays in treatment for patient. Easy communication in between doctors, specialists and patients.

Advantages of NBN:

1. NBN provides faster internet connection up to maximum of 1000 Mbps. It has very fast download speed and transfer of files between source and destination is accurate and very fast when compared to other internet service providers. 2. Data security is very well maintained by NBN.

3. Redundancy is very less with NBN.
4. NBN is an open access network. There is no drop down falls of internet. It maintains constant bandwidth with high speed transfer of data. 5. NBN provides good and fast communication flow in between patients and medical centre with the help of mobile doctors. 6. Through FTTP in NBN it provides quality internet, faster and reliable access to customers. 7. NBN is very easy for incompetent people to do their job very easily.

Disadvantages of NBN:

1. Equipment cost is very high because data transfer is in the form of fibres which has to be laid throughout the area. It needs long kilometres of cables. So, cost for investing is very high. 2. Increased sharing of information leads to the privacy issue. 3. Mandatory reporting is done only via online on NBN which has a small security issue in misguiding data. 4. Internet Cost is very high on monthly basis because of use of optical fibre. 5. Consumption of electricity is bit higher when compared to other types of internet providers because of transfer of data in cable power required is more. 6....
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