Topics: World War II, Political philosophy, Adolf Hitler Pages: 3 (1052 words) Published: October 11, 2013
2012-2013 Spring
HUM 112 – 25
Midterm#1 Assignment#2

Many deem the concept of virtue an important one in the thought of Niccolo Machiavelli. Essentially, not only deepness of the meaning of virtu, but also Machiavelli’s work on it brought out a large scale of meaning. So that, in the Prince almost ten different meanings of virtu explained. Besides direct understanding of the word, Machiavelli put some other meanings and compares them with fortune. Main subject is to show how a prince succeed and maintain this success. Throughout the task it is not always so easy to catch meaning under definition as it is often unclear what Machiavelli means. Effectively, related to the subject I get in detail some meanings of virtu that is strongly related to hoe a leader should be and how a leader should stay. Virtu means skill, strength, courage, utility, feeling secure, well-being. These are meanings I will enclose with posture of a great leader. Being a leader or the prince is not only about having or being virtu, but it is also about having fortune. Machiavelli has also explanation of fortune such that a wheel is being turned, and one is handling on it to keep fortune. Briefly, I will match meaning of a leader with virtu and fortune to support that I kindly believe in thoughts of Machiavelli.

Here we are having an imaginary prince and building it from very bottom to the top. Virtu is what a leader must have and support it with fortune. As I consider Adolf Hitler was one of the obvious sample of Machiavelli’s opinion in the real life so that I am going to try to support my ideas with examples from Hitler’s moves while taking Machivelli’s understanding of a prince. Virtu has deep meaning as I mentioned before. One of them is skill. Machiavelli explains virtu as a skill that is political ability. So a virtuous man can reach his goals in political life. Almost very big part of hatred Hitler model is known by world...
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