Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler

Topics: Nazi Germany, World War II, The Holocaust Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: August 25, 2014
Persecutions Of The Holocaust

Imagine your bedroom. Think of your bed and think of your belongings. You may have something that you hold a little bit closer to the heart then others. Perhaps its that pocket watch your grandfather gave you or perhaps its the heart shaped mirror from your mother. Now its gone. Not just the items you hold dear, but all of them. Everything youve ever loved, and everything youve ever worked for and earned. Gone. During world war II, Adolf Hitler utilized numerous systems to implement the Holocaust. He took as many Jews as he could and worked them to death or he flat out killed them. It was an extermination. Adolf Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party during WWII from 1939-1945. He led Germany and, unfortunately, millions of others to exterminate the Jewish race. He felt that their practice of life was wrong and that everything they did was wrong. He would gas them to death, work the to death, and burn them to death. Pure mass murder was the only solution in Hitlers mind that could lead to his version of a pure race, the Germans.

One example of the way Hitler persecuted the Jews was the use of deadly gas. Death camp gas chambers were the most used execution source against the Jews. Many gas chambers were disguised as showers. The minorities that were mentally or physically worthless were shoved in the chambers, never to come out alive. Zyklon-B pellets were either thrown in by the guards, or split open when the showers were activated. Gas was just the beginning of the genocide that happened during the Holocaust. Around 1 million Jews died in the chambers alone, 2000 at a time. Another of the many ways of mass murder and persecution was the use of fire called incineration. After being gassed, alive or not, the remaining bodies would be thrown into an oven and be incinerated so that nothing remained but ashes of the many victims. Then, the remaining ashes were sifted through to find any valuable...
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